Mandate of Heaven

The Mandate of Heaven (Tiānmìng) is both a philosophical concept and a series of physical artifacts that represent the right to rule.

If a ruler does not have the Mandate, and has not ruled well, it is correct and proper to overthrow them. Each physical piece of the Mandate represents one of the concepts of just rulership.

According to Master Kong, the Ruler Under Heaven must exemplify all the proper relationships, and by so doing, help harmonize those relationships in others. By thus being the axle upon which the State turns, the ruler keeps Harmony in the world.

Everyone at some point is in the following:
Lineage (As parent or child)
Sibling (As elder or younger)
Authority (As ruler or ruled)

If these relationships are breaking down, it is because the Ruler Under Heaven is not maintaining them in themselves. This makes them break down in society.

Over time, 5 pieces of regalia have come to represent these relationships. It is said that someone who assembles all seven is clearly still in Harmony and fit to Rule.

The Pieces of The Mandate.

Mandate of Heaven

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