Ra-Fei Foxcroft

Optimistic wind-walker who, despite having unnatural observation skills, runs from his past rather than analyze painful history


Nationality: Kitsana

Element: Wind Walker

- Preternatural perception from blood line
- Charm and charisma from royal upbringing

Weapon / Item of Interest: Royal family wrist blades adorned with the royal golden marking of a Kitsune with Nine Tails.

- Royal Armour with White cloak and hood. A small circle pendant appears to be missing from the chest plate of the armour. The pendant bearing the royal seal of the kitsune was sold for money and while Ra-Fei was fleeing his country.
- He also wears a small leather band on his right wrist with a white glossy rock embedded into it. His younger brother made it for him with a rock he found in the royal forest.

- Only possible living direct relative is his brother, Keizin Foxcroft.
- Both parents were executed after the Machinist Revolution instigated by his father, Seiko Foxcroft.
- The current whereabouts or status of his Keizin are unknown.


History of the Kitsana People:
600 years before emperor Jun united the 9 kingdoms, a small province of the Neyran kingdom was ostracized and segregated due to their traits of blonde hair and blue eyes. The Eigth king of Neyran, Lord Jung, was disgusted by their appearance, and deemed them to be a detriment to his land. As this prejudiced climaxed throughout the kingdom, the king executed the ruler of this province and began to cleanse its people. However, through the kindness and quick thinking of a wealthy merchant, close to 60,000 citizens were able to escape on his trade ships. The wealthy merchant, Daemos Foxcroft, knew supplies wouldn’t last long and took his ships to the only possible hope for the refugees

Ra-Fei Foxcroft

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