Shards of Fear

It begins...

On the trail of the Tear of the Mermaid – one of the symbols of the Mandate of Heaven – the group found a town far too quiet in the night.

While the largely empty tavern was still friendly, the curt 12-year old daughter of the tavern keeper let slip that the temple at the edge of town had lost 2 people over the last two weeks.

A description of a snake-headed lion called forth stories of the Sytherin, a creature from the depths of world’s beyond, who ate once a month in the physical world. If there was one, it was acting strangely.

The temple showed shards of glass from the new extensions above – the temple was expanding with the influx of new industry. New basement extensions were being dug, and a new level on top was fitted with windows of painted glass.

Searching outside, the Determinator was struck by a creature of painted glass brought to life. He defeated it with his Pebble. The Daughter of Darkness found the top room coming to life with glass and malicious intent. The group battled outside, rescuing the new mother superior and destroying the creatures.

But where did they come from? Did the mysterious tracks of lion’s print with snake trails in the dirt mean there was a Sytherin after all?



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